Company Profile

Infore Group was established in 1994.

Surplus peak investment holding group co., LTD(简称:Surplus peak group),Founded in1994Years,Headquarters is located in shunde, guangdong,Is a diversified in the stage of rapid development of industry investment holding group。For a long time,Surplus peak group with foresight insight into time change,Stick to it“Investment+Industry”Two-wheel driven business model,In order to“Planting industry,Create value”As the mission,To create a number of leading industry development platform,The diversity of a good industry investment holding group。

Integrity Specialty


Planting industry

Announcements of the group

Dream,Guide you me forward direction
Dream,Bearing each family of hope
This is a dream place of growth
The vision of the future,Reach for a better life than people
Surplus peaks,Accompany you every step of the way


The chairman delivered a speech

We advocate the Chinese dream,Surplus peak people have their own dreams。We act,Not only for their own,More world and creation;We want,More than tomorrow,A vision of the future。Have a dream there is hope,There is struggle there is harvest,Let's go forward hand in hand,Practical struggle,Create a surplus peak dream!

Surplus peak investment holding group co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors:Jian-feng he


Social responsibility

In the pursuit of economic development at the same time,Peak classy holding corporate social responsibility is regarded as a kind of let the longevity enterprise values and action guide,Through the associated enterprises holdings of beauty、Guangdong province and the charitable foundation、And galleries, etc,Positive feedback society,To be a responsible corporate citizen。


The chairman delivered a speech


  • year
    The company was set up
  • industry
    Environmental protection、Culture、Investment、Maternal and infant、The new material
  • listed
    Two listed companies
  • Operation
    20Multiple brands
Its predecessor in midea holding co., LTD1968Founded in shunde, guangdong, China,Its industry covers electrical appliances manufacture、Robots and automation systems、Real estate development、Financial、Intelligent supply chain(Logistics)Industries。Midea group、The real estate group、Royal orchid development group is the holding important members of the enterprise。
Guangdong province and the charitable foundation was established2013Years12Month,Is initiated by the founder He Xiangjian non-public foundation of beauty。And charitable foundation chairman by surplus peak group jian-feng he served as chairman。2017Years7Month,And the system of charitable foundation officially released to charitable donations。Up to now,Charity foundation and accumulated donation about70One hundred million yuan。
And the art gallery is located in shunde, guangdong,A: the gross area is approximately16000Square meters,Design, commissioned architect tadao ando,Is a large family investment of public private gallery。Gallery body in2017Years3Officially started。Is expected2020Years3In opening to the outside world。Research will be set after the completion of the collection、Modern and contemporary exhibition、Public education、Cultural development and other functions in one body,To become iconic cultural construction in the pearl river delta,Efforts to make become international famous private gallery。